Wishing Well

Wishing Well

“I’m a river widened by misery, and the potency
of my language is more than human.”
Terese Mailhot, Heart Berries

Something about truth, about
not needing belief or creed to
open up to all that is out there.

Blue sky is enough to take me,
or river. The thought so wide
it expands its own boundaries.

Beyond, beyond, so utterly be-
yond. Aspiration in action. To
become that whole, that full is

all I desire. A mon seul désir.

“The thing about women from the river is that our currents are endless.
We sometimes outrun ourselves.”  Terese Mailhot, Heart Berries

Wishing Well image with birds eye view of a circle of trees, birds flying across the middle, textured blues background

Animation for Wishing Well