image for Believe inverse colours dandelion with birds flying out like wishes,



In the space of a year, Ula has learned to sit, to stand…

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Silicon Valley

shadow of tree thrown up onto wall out of proportion

By a trick of light



Do you remember the days when silicon was an element central to sand…

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Wishing Well

Wishing Well image with birds eye view of a circle of trees, birds flying across the middle, textured blues background

within the whole

Something about truth, about
not needing belief or creed to
open up to all that is out there…

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12 comments on “Text

  1. What a great concept! Our River and environs are indeed worthy of celebration. The Story Wall is a really neat idea; I hope you get lots of good responses. I will rattle it around in my mind. And I love the Believe poem; what a wonderful tribute to your granddaughter.

  2. Beautiful work! Congratulations to both Penn and Mary. There is so much depth here and I thank you.
    If I had to choose (and I’m glad that I don’t!) Silicon Valley would be my favourite poem, and I find the image/poem combination here
    to be a special delight.

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