Exploring the text of River Revery

Harold Rhenish is the author of a beautiful blog series, Okanagan Okanagan — Reclaiming the Art of Living on the Earth.,  featuring gorgeous photographs and a detailed investigation into the language of poetry.

He has explored text from “River Revery” in intricate detail on two of his extraordinary blogs: Towards a New Cartography Part 3  and Reading Penn Kemp and the World: The Role of Poetry in Civic Planning. 

Reading his work will allow you to look through his eyes and see and hear the beauty within the world as he does — an incredible gift, a beautiful read for a Sunday afternoon on the cusp of spring.

People are talking about River Revery!

The news is spreading across Canada and people are talking about River Revery. Radio host Carmelo Militano recorded an interesting conversation with Penn on River Revery for his show at the University of Winnipeg.

Susan McCaslin commented: “Just listened to this very deep and engaging interview with Carmelo Militano, Penn. You two are a good team as interviewer and interviewee. I think his term “archeologist of the heart” is very fitting to describe you and your work, but I would add “sonic delver” to the mix. I appreciate your poetics of stepping into the unknown and moving into the transpersonal, inclusive, larger fields rather than getting stuck in the merely personal. At this stage of our lives and of history, we are lured, compelled, drawn by the call to expand, deepen, and serve the larger world, the earth, Gaia.”

Join in and become part of the story! And people, let’s talk about River Revery, let’s start talking about the beauty of our river, its natural environment, and our community of London, Ontario!

talking about River Revery, close up of seed head, wild native grass found along the banks of the Thames River, London, Ontario
Life Within by Mary McDonald