International Travel for River Revery

Wishing Well and Silicon Valley have been selected for the Newlyn Film Festival occurring this weekend in Penzance, UK. Both of these films were shown at the wonderful Reel Poetry festival in Houston, Texas. And on April 11 Wishing Well will be shown here at the London public library for Gathering Voices, and across the ocean at #OER19 in Galway, Ireland, land of the poets! Penn Kemp’s beautiful text travels out into the world to be heard by audiences across the water!

I was very lucky to be able to accompany Wishing Well and Silicon Valley to Houston for Reel Poetry festival where I was warm welcomed by the wonderful people I met. I experienced a wide variety of poetry and explored the roots of the poetry film genre through the events and workshops they had organized. I participated on an international panel discussion of creating poetry films. I’m glad to say that both poetry films were very well received by both the Houston audiences and the other international poetry filmmakers! I’m looking forward to connecting further with the poetry filmmakers I met through Reel Poetry and will introduce you to them in further posts when I am finished my wandering travels, spreading the word about poetry films and River Revery!

And in other news, in preparation for upcoming workshops, a new Community Resources page has been added to the Story Wall section of the website. Stay tuned for downloadable images, video, nature sounds and music clips to jumpstart or remix your own project!

announcing international Travel for River Rivery with yellow forsythia blossoms up close in London Ontario
magic blooms….

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